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Belly Dancing, or “danse du ventre” as it was originally called in Turkish, is a sensual and erotic dance utilizing perfect abdominal and chest muscle control. The graceful gyrations and steps utilized by the sole performing woman in the dance was first introduced to American culture in 1893, when it was exhibited at the Midway Plaisance of the Colombian Exposition in Chicago. Male musicians with Turkish-derived instruments accompany the sole female performer. The music is divided into two distinct sections: a lively part called Ciftetlli and a contrasting part called the Taksim. During the Ciftetill, the musicians play lively, upbeat music with a variety of instruments, and vary the tempo of the music from slow to fast. The predominantly four-count beat is play slowly, while the rhythm gets more complex during the exhilaratingly rapid sections. During these portions, the music’s beat can be 9/8, 7/8, 6/8, or 5/4 rhythm measures. When the musicians move into the Taksim se...

also known as

Raks Sharqi, Middle Eastern Dance, Danse du Ventre

Raks Sharqi, Middle Eastern Dance, Danse du Ventre

Cupid Shuffle

Danced to the song of the same name by the hip-hop artist Cupid, the Cupid Shuffle has become a v...

1, 2 Step

The 1, 2 Step dance is performed by Ciara to her song of the same name. The dance features a move...


Crunk is performed to music of the same name. Crunk music originated from southern hip-hop & Ele...

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