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Hula is a dance developed by the original settlers of the Hawaiian Islands, the Polynesians. The Hula, which originally was used as part of native religious programs, is performed as an interpretation of a song or chant, known as a mele. The Hula was developed in, and is distinctive to, the Hawaiian Islands. Each movement in hula has a specific meaning, and each expression of the dancers’ hands has great significance. When Captain Cook arrived in Hawaii in 1779 he was the first westerner to observe the dance, though the Polynesians had been dancing the Hula for years. When the missionaries arrived to the island chain in the 1830s, they were shocked by the open dancing of the Hula and convinced Queen Kaahumanu that the dance was evil. It became outlawed in the town and its popularity decreased sharply. In the 1870s, King Kalakaua made the Hula legal once again, and it has remained popular in the Hawaiian islands ever since. The song, or mele, is sung like contemporary music ...


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