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A fusion of the ballet and jazz dance styles, Lyrical Dance aims to interpret the accompanying music in an emotionally expressive way. The dancers’ movements attempt to illustrate the actual meaning and emotion communicated in the song. This passionate dance style is usually used to portray stories of love or loss. Lyrical dance is an extension of more traditional dance genres – resulting in lyrical ballet, lyrical jazz, modern lyrical, contemporary lyrical, lyrical hop and variations yet to be considered or discovered. Lyrical dance has grown increasingly popular in the last few decades. Though the dance first began as an expression of jazz music, it is commonly danced to music of any style, including hip-hop, rock, swing, pop, or classical. A good music selection is imperative to an excellent Lyrical Dance performance. The song should be soulful, powerful, and memorable. There are no definitive unique movements in Lyrical Dance, though an emphasis on continued movement ...

also known as

Interpretive Dance

Interpretive Dance

My Dougie

The dance is based on the dance Doug E. Fresh did back in the 80s, mixing the Dallas Boogie, or D...

Turf Dancing

TURF is an acronym for Taking Up Room on the Floor as created by influential Turf dancer, Jeriel ...

Harlem Shake

Originating in the 1980s in Harlem, the Harlem shake is based on an East African dance called Esk...

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